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The Users You Will Come Across in UAT - And How To Manage Them

Colin Roberston on Jul 30, 2014

There they sit. Each of the users that are about to go through your thorough, well-planned user acceptance test. You’ve done everything you can to ensure that the process will run smoothly, and now it’s time to hand the system over to the users to be tested. The problem? Users are unpredictable.

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Improve Your Testing Process With a Fresh Perspective

Colin Roberston on Jul 23, 2014

It appears to be a perfect marriage. The QA team that just completed your functional testing can be the same ones that set up the tests and conduct your User-Acceptance Testing. After all, they’re the ones that have experience with testing, knowledge of the product, and know all the use cases. So why not have them at least be involved in the UAT process?

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How To Conduct UAT Earlier in Your Project's Lifecycle

Colin Roberston on Jul 15, 2014

You know the typical project cycle. You gather the requirements, create the designs, develop the product, do the tests and put it all into production. It’s clear, simple and very straight-forward, right? It’s never that simple. If it was, then doing things over-time and over-budget wouldn’t be the norm!

For most projects, losing time and money stems from finding issues at the very end of the life-cycle, when they’re more expensive and more time-consuming to take care of. So how can you manage your next project to find these issues earlier in the cycle? By conducting Early Lifecycle Validation.

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How to Plan a User Acceptance Test

Colin Roberston on Jul 2, 2014

We see this problem all of the time. Companies and teams want to do the User Acceptance Testing process right, but they just don’t know where to start. The problem is that the starting point is usually to hand the product over to the users and allow them to check the product against their own business requirements. This informal testing process can be extremely costly if the users miss something.

So how do you conduct a user-acceptance test the right way? The first step is to get the planning done right. So before you and your team put anything in front of your users, follow these 4 steps to ensure the proper UAT plan is in place.

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How an Informal UAT Will Cost You in the End

Colin Roberston on Jun 25, 2014

There it is. Your completed project. You’ve got it done on-time, on-budget, it’s been thoroughly system tested and it’s almost ready to be shipped off to the real world.

Before that happens, though, you’ve got to pass it along to your users for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). You know the importance of UAT , so you’re committed to finishing the project correctly. You’re going to make the time to allow the users to test the solution as one final check that the solution meets the business requirements.

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Why do User Acceptance Testing?

Colin Roberston on May 19, 2014

It’s that final step.  The project is almost complete and it’s time to do testing.  As you know, there are many steps to the testing process and one that is missed all too often is one of the most crucial - User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

What is UAT?

UAT is an often overlooked part of the testing process where your users put the product to the test to make sure that it does the job in a real-world atmosphere. Unlike system testing - which ensures that the system itself works - UAT determines whether that system meets the business needs that it was intended for. Although this can be an expensive process, we have put together 3 reasons you should make UAT a part of your company’s testing process.

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